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Brent Alan was just the right producer and sound engineer for our project. His professionalism allowed him to quickly become part of the team making our record. He has an unerring feel for what works and what doesn't, and has a way of letting you know in a way that makes it all fun and good. The studio has all the right gear to make excellent recordings. Brent has the ability to quickly mix tracks to get the best result. He has a wide variety of talented people he can pull from to add to any recording, or as an amazing multi-instrumentalist, he can also provide backup himself. The final product was beyond what we had hoped for.

Steve Gibson

Brent made the Cross Current album “Going to Lift My Voice” with us, and he was fantastic to work with. Steve and I came into the studio with a bunch of songs and almost no recording experience. Brent was exceptionally professional, but also able to make us relaxed and comfortable as we worked. His careful guidance and mentoring brought out an album that far exceeded our expectations.

Brent is so fun and easy to work with. He has a great ear, and is willing to push musicians toward their potential. Brent will bring the best out of you. And his multi-instrumental musical abilities allowed him to add beautiful parts to the songs: guitars, keyboards, mandolin, harmonies, and more. He also knows a fine network of musicians who can bring other elements to an album. His good-natured patience was especially important working with us! As a professional musician and highly experienced producer, Brent led us through our decision-making for every step of the process, from song selection to CD production, in a way that always honored our songs and our goals for the album.

Ken Zimmerman

I have been working with Brent Alan since 2012 through the Americana Project and then worked with him to record my first album, “Now I Can See” in 2014-2015 and second EP “Salutations” in 2016. Recording my first album with Brent is, to this day, an incredible highlight of my life. I learned more than I ever thought I would about the music industry from distribution to copyright and recording. Both Brent and his wife Jeannine welcomed me into their family and taught me how to thrive as a musical being. I look back on my first recording session with Brent in 2012 now, six years later, and thank the stars that I was able to learn and work with the best in the industry. Brent Alan will pull the most emotional and creative parts of you and your songs out. He guides the process with lots of love for what he does and lots of love for your music. His studio is absolutely warm and cozy. You will be so glad that you chose Brent to record your music, he treats everyone’s work as if it were his own with tender love and care, and an ear that could hear a pin drop from across the room. Brent helped shape the musician I am today. - Megan Rose Ellsworth

Brent Alan, producer extraordinaire!

My first recording experience for a full length album was with Brent Alan. The experience could not have gone better. He listens closely, lets you try things and helps you pick up the pieces. The result is amazing. Brent’s knowledge, musicianship and engineering skills combine to help you reach your dreams and his encouragement helps you cross the finish line. I did it, you can too!  Brent made it happen for me. - Bob Howard

Brent Alan Studios was the ideal place to record my first full length album. The studio setting under the pine trees outside of Sisters was an inspiring and peaceful place for me to focus, and the studio space was exceptionally comfortable and professional. Working with Brent was always fun and productive. He was efficient with technical recording operations, had great musical ideas and feedback for me, and was always patient and encouraging with my musical efforts. Brent’s great sense of humor, light heartedness and thoughtful attitude really helped make the whole process stress free. It was easy to focus on having fun making music. I really couldn’t be happier with all the time I spent at the studio and the professionally produced sound quality of the record we made!

Raman Ellis

Dear Brent,
I feel like I should shower you with blessings for what you’ve done with these songs - I am always a tad reluctant to hear myself, maybe that’s a professional hazard, fear of hearing oneself. I am seriously blown away by the sound. Now, I’ve heard these songs a gazillion times, sung them a gazillion times, but I’ve never heard truly what they sound like before. Or, that’s what it feels like. You know there’s part of the fear of hearing oneself that’s critical, as in, “I’m not really a good singer and everyone is just humoring me” - whoever this person is on this recording is not so bad, sounds fantastic, in fact. What hit me the most is how melodic the songs are, as in lovely melodies, without getting lost among the other things going on, like instruments and harmony. I started to hear other harmonies as I listened, not sure it’s at all necessary to add them, I can just hear them easily now when I couldn’t before. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put in.

- Barbara Turrill

Brent Alan is an amazing human being. I call him Brent Maestro as he is a maestro in the studio on all levels. I am recording my third record with him because he deeply listens to me and to the songs. He intuitively knows and feels what each song needs. And he does this seamlessly and perfectly. Sometimes the songs take on a whole new vibe, or maybe he just reveals what was already there; like a song taking on a reggae vibe, Latin or even an East Indian one. He makes them come alive but at the same time honors the essence of the song. During the final vocals he coaches me to express that essence and takes me back to when I wrote each song to reconnect with the original inspiration. It is so great working with him because he is both a gifted recording artist and producer. It is a pleasure collaborating with him. Brent is also a multi-instrumentalist and lays down tasty electric guitar, piano, bass, mandolin, banjo, dobro and vocals too! And he knows many other talented musicians that contribute so much to the record. He is a perfect recording and producing partner for singer/songwriters because in the end it is the vocals that are in the forefront and the beautiful musicality is there to make the song the best it can be. When I was ready to start recording my 3rd record, it took me 2 seconds to decide who I wanted to work with and it was Brent Maestro! I just love working with him and am deeply grateful for our friendship that has grown so deep over the many years I have worked with him.

Kathy Marshall